investment management

Bray Capital Advisors focuses on providing customized investment management solutions designed and implemented according to each client’s unique circumstances. Every investment strategy is aligned solely with the interests of our clients and tailored to their specific financial goals and objectives.

We have the capability to meet the needs of our clients by using proprietary portfolio management, open architecture (separately managed third-party investment managers) and hybrid approaches.


financial planning

Bray Capital Advisors provides comprehensive personal financial planning for clients including short-term and long-term, retirement cash flow and asset accumulation planning, liability management and risk management planning.

Our personal financial planning services are an integral element of the overall wealth management relationship that we have with each client.


tax and estate planning

Bray Capital Advisors provides a variety of professional income tax, financial, and estate planning services for our clients.

A dedicated team of professionals serves each client by integrating all aspects of each client’s financial goals and objectives.



Trustee selection is a difficult choice for many clients. Many clients lean toward selecting a trusted friend or family member when choosing a trustee. However, a trustee’s duties can be extensive. Most states have adopted the Uniform Trust Code, which establishes statutory criteria for a trustee in the performance of his or her duties. For an individual trustee, navigating statutory requirements related to the performance of a trustee’s fiduciary duties can be a daunting task.

Bray Capital Advisors provides many clients with comprehensive trustee support services in the administration of private trusts.